Grading the grading system in Chesterfield schools
Lunes, 3 de Diciembre de 2012 - COMMUNITY RELATIONS DEPARTMENT

Grading the grading system in Chesterfield schools

Chesterfield County Public Schools is in the process of grading its grading system — a strategy identified in the school system’s Design for Excellence 2020 strategic plan. The goal is making sure that grades support student learning, measure student achievement and give feedback on specific areas of strength and weakness.

A grading practices committee made up of teachers, students, parents and administrators is spearheading this effort. The committee has reviewed a 10-point grading scale as an alternative to the 6-point scale currently in place in Chesterfield County Public Schools.

Many school divisions in Virginia and nationwide have adopted the 10-point scale, which is based on the College Board’s grading scale. Most colleges use this scale. The proposed 10-point scale may make Chesterfield County students more competitive for college admissions and scholarships. Any changes to Chesterfield County grading practices would take effect in September 2014.

As part of the process to evaluate grading practices, Chesterfield County Public Schools is seeking input. An online survey for parents has been created and will be available through Dec. 20 at For more information, visit the grading practices page of

6-point grading scale                                                                                                         

10-point grading scale

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